Translation in the next century

Jaap van der Meer of TAUS wrote a great article on translation in the next century. A few choice quotes:

In this new regime, translation is multidirectional, from any language into any language. Quality requirements are different for different users and different usages. Machine translation is good enough for the largest volumes of dynamic web content, whereas pre-sales texts require a step-up in quality from the current one-translation-fits-all policy.


It is still unsettling of course when you realize that 90% of the translated words will be generated by machine translation engines, probably at no charge to the end-user. But considering there is a non-stop stream of multimedia information, the translation market will certainly innovate and assert its value in different ways.

And speaking of this next wave of translation, have you seen Google’s new Global Advertiser service? Google has now officially gotten into the web globalization business.

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2 thoughts on “Translation in the next century”

  1. I don’t really get this Global Advertiser. Google wants companies to have their websites automatically translated with Google Translate – so far so good. And then (in their words):

    “Next, you will need to find a translator. Once you have found an agency you are comfortable with, you can use Translator Toolkit to facilitate the process.”…

    Do they just want to promote the use of Google Translate and Translation Toolkit?

  2. Absolutely they want people to use the Toolkit as its use helps Google improve the quality of its machine translation engine. It’s a virtuous cycle, assuming companies buy into it. But I’ve yet to dive into their site to learn more.

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