The world’s most dangerous country codes

If you want to know the world’s most dangersous ccTLDs, ask an anti-virus software company.

McAfee has released its list of most dangerous country codes. Here are the top five:

  1. Cameroon (.cm)
  2. PR of China (.cn)
  3. Samoa (.ws)
  4. Philippines (.ph)
  5. Former Soviet Union (.su)

Why is Camerooon at the top of the list?

Because .cm is a common typo by users who intended to type .com.

According to McAfee, more than 30% of all domains registered under .cm are up to no good.

I have a business idea for Verisign — why not license .cm and bundle it with .com registrations to give users a more secure domain package. I could see many companies paying for this.

China is number two. The country has made efforts recently to clean up its domain by requiring business licenses of its registrants. Some of the Western media have misinterpreted this as censorship. That’s one of the great ironies of managing top-level domains. You kinda have to keep a close eye on what the registrants are doing with these domains if you want to ensure a safer Internet.

But I digress.

And what are the safest ccTLDs? Here are the top five:

  1. Japan (.jp)
  2. Ireland (.ie)
  3. Croatia (.hr)
  4. Luxembourg (.lu)
  5. Vanuatu (.vu)

You can view a larger map here.

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