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The most popular posts of 2009

With a few hours to spare, here are the most popular blog posts of 2009, based on number of visitors:

  1. The rise of “international” English — otherwise known as American English
  2. Of Kosovo and .ks
  3. Bing Beats Google in Insta-translation
  4. Facebook: From 1 to 100 languages in two years
  5. Is this the next language icon?
  6. Google Translate now in 41 languages
  7. Three rules of global gateway design
  8. Kindle goes international, but not multilingual
  9. is leaving Libya for the islands
  10. Countryless Country Codes

Perennial Favorites
Don’t ask me why these posts continue to rank highly, but they do:

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m really looking forward to 2010…

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