The Globalization of Beer Pong

In my day, our drinking game was quarters. All you needed was a glass and a quarter — and beer, of course. Today, drinking games have gotten a bit more complicated.

As The Wall Street Journal reports (sub required), beer pong is now sweeping the nation.

Here’s the setup:


Now what does this story have to do with Web globalization?  Apparently, an entire industry of beer pong accessory makers have sprung up with global aspirations. Consider this excerpt:

In 2004, brothers Ben and Jesse Spiegel took a leave from the University of Denver, pooled more than $50,000 in savings and borrowed money, and started BJ’s Beer Pong. Following a business plan he wrote after taking a business course, Jesse spent seven months traveling around China looking for a factory to produce their portable beer-proof, sun-resistant tables with built-in rubber mats.

They say they have sold about 8,000 tables for prices ranging from $110 to $250 and have registered domain names in Australia, England and Ireland with hopes of international expansion. “By reading a lot of business and success books, we knew we could work hard and will it to happen,” Jesse says.

That’s right, the owners of BJ’s Beer Pong have registered domain names in other markets in anticipation of going global. Regardless of what you think of their business venture, you have to give these guys credit for looking beyond borders from day one.

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