Of Molecular, Ion Global, and the Mainstreaming of Web Globalization

I’ve been gone for two weeks so I nearly missed the announcement that Web consulting firm Molecular had acquired Ion Global. I was happy to see this as I really like both companies.

Ion Global has developed a solid track record over the years in providing Web consulting with an emphasis on Web globalization. I’ve gotten to know the Wei-Tai Kwok and Simon Mathews at Ion Global over the years and I’m glad to see their efforts rewarded by a leading firm such as Molecular taking notice.

Molecular, recognizing that it was light in Web globalization expertise, made a wise purchase (technically, Molecular’s parent company made the deal with Ion Global’s parent company).

Now I’d like to say that this deal is a sign of things to come but there really aren’t many companies out there like Ion Global to acquire.

However, I am aware of a small number of Web firms who have within the past two years made some key hires designed to achieve similar results. I will have more to say about these firms in the months ahead.

So it’s safe to say that Web consulting firms realize they need to be able to speak authoritatively about Web globalization and provide related services — global user testing, multilingual content workflow consulting, tools recommendations, and so on. This is a positive trend for these firms and, more important, their clients.

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