The Joyo of Amazon

Amazon has had a presence in China since its 2004 acquisition of

And it appears things are going quite nicely. Says Jeff Bezos in a recent Wall Street Journal article: China “is by far the fastest-growing part of Amazon anywhere in the world,” Mr. Bezos said. “This business is remarkable, and it’s growing so rapidly that it deserves even increased levels of investment.” will now be known as Joyo Amazon, as Amazon seeks to develop its brand name in the market.

Here’s how Joyo looked in 2006:
Amazon Joyo 2006

And here’s how the site looks today:
Amazon Joyo 2007

I appreciate Amazon’s slow and steady approach to China. It could have simply wiped off the name and inserted It could have even gone with “Amazon Joyo” instead of “Joyo Amazon.” But the slow and steady (and humble) approach seems to be the way to go.

Also from the Journal: Mr. Bezos said China reminded him of the U.S. Internet market when he founded Amazon 12 years ago. “When will it be a double-digit percentage of our sales? I don’t know. But I know that will happen,” he said.

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