Web Globalization Leaders of Industry

Last week I highlighted the top 10 best global Web sites from our 2007 Web Globalization Report Card.

But there are other Web sites that deserve mention.

As part of the report, we grouped the 200 Web sites into 18 industry categories, from automotive to financial services to a small “video games” category.

Here are the best Web sites within each category:


IKEA and Volvo Cars have repeated at the top of their respective categories. Companies new to the top of their categories include Emirates, 3M, Hertz, and Starwood Hotels.

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  1. Hoi, Wikipedia is localised at http://translatewiki.net. This is a website independent from the Wikimedia Foundation. The community at twn does also support the localisation for applications like OpenStreetMap, StatusNet, FudForum …. and more.

    This week support for Wikia was added … The translatewiki.net community supports Open Source products in over 250 languages.

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