Alibris Launches UK Site

Alibris, as I mentioned awhile back, had its eyes on expanding overseas.

Today it officially launched its UK Web site…
Alibris UK

According to the press release “libris customers around the world can now purchase books with their local currency. Alibris accepts the British pound sterling, the euro, and eleven other currencies. Alibris has also reduced prices for U.K. and European shoppers by thirty to fifty percent.”

I know this sounds nitpicky, but this is not the best way for Alibris to link to its UK site from its US site…
Alibris uk gateway

The link is buried at the bottom of the page. The best location for this link is in the upper right corner of the Web site — this ensures that visitors from the UK who happen upon the US site know immediately where they need to go. Since this is a new site, we can’t assume that people in the UK will automatically type in

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