SDL On Track to be a $200 Million Company in 2007

SDL announced interim financials today, showing 34% growth over 2005 and bringing the company in at roughly US$170 million this year.

At this rate, the company stands to break the $200 million barrier in ’07.

SDL released a few details on who’s buying their software/services…

  • New enterprise customer agreements with AGCO, Dell, and FedEx
  • Desktop software market share increased to over 90% of translation industry professionals, with more than 130,000 installations
  • Knowledge-based Translation Solution customer wins include HP, Computer Associates, and Microsoft

The Knowledge-based Translation Solution integrates machine translation (MT) software into the mix, another sign that we’re going to see A LOT of activity on the MT front in the years ahead.

No mention of how SDL’s new certification program is doing. Could be too early to say. Certification in this industry — from software to services — is a topic I plan to write about more in the months ahead. There certainly appears to be a need for it.

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