Wal-Mart: 15 Countries and Counting

Wal-Mart is currently doing business in 15 countries, but that number is going to grow. The company has certainly had some ups and downs overseas — ups in Mexico and downs most everywhere else.

Still no ecommerce site yet for any other market than the US. But when you figure that the US Wal-Mart site just surpassed a whopping $1 billion in revenues, it’s just a matter of time before the company tackles new markets.

Here’s an excerpt from their Q4 2005 call:

“During the fourth quarter, we also continued our international growth through acquisitions. We acquired the Sonae retail operations in Southern Brazil; we increased our ownership of Seiyu to 53%, resulting in the consolidation of Seiyu in our financial statements beginning in January of 2006. We are now in 15 countries and we expect that number to increase. We acquired 545 new international stores and 50,000 new associates in just one week through our acquisitions, and we will build or relocate another 220 international stores in fiscal 2007.”

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