Meet the Chuppies

They’re young, they’re affluent, and they want American goods.

Meet the Chuppiers: young, urban, Chinese consumers.

UPR commissioned a survey of selected Chuppies (1,140 Chinese consumers between the ages of 20 and 59 in six cities) and found opportunities for American companies abroad. Here are some highlights…

  • 53 percent of all respondents would like to see a broader selection of U.S. products, such as shampoo, shower gel and dental care products.
  • 53 percent of those polled want a broader selection of American electronics. The most likely purchases this year are digital cameras, laptop computers and video/digital recording devices.
  • 52 percent said they want more American fashion, especially athletic shoes, sandals, t-shirts with American logos, sportswear and blue jeans.

And it goes without saying that a localized Web site is critical for reaching these Chuppies. Consider Dove (a Unilver product) and Olay (a P&G product)…

Olay has a Chinese Web site

Dove does not (yet)

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