US Spanish Speakers to Surpass 40 Million by 2025

A new study by the Roslow Research Group on behalf of Hispanic U.S.A. “challenges the assumption that the use of Spanish will decrease in coming years as succeeding generations of Hispanics are born and grow up in this country.”

Key findings include:

  • By 2025, the number of Spanish-speaking Latinos in the United States will reach 40.2 million, up from 27.8 million today.
  • Fully two-thirds of Hispanics, five and older, will speak Spanish 20 years from now.
  • On average, 35 percent of third-generation Latinos in the United States speak Spanish.
  • The 18-and-older Spanish-speaking population will increase by 53 percent, to 15.2 million by 2025.

    Web globalization typically refers to companies localizing their Web sites to expand their reach outside of their domestic markets. But it also may refer to companies who localize their Web sites to expand their reach within existing markets. A Spanish-language Web site for US companies is fast becoming a necessity (I’m compiling a list of companies that offers such sites here). And this survey is just another wake up call to companies who do not have yet Spanish-language business strategies.

    And why stop with Spanish? Chinese for the US market is also a language we’ll be seeing more of in years ahead.

    John Yunker
    John is co-founder of Byte Level Research and author of Think Outside the Country as well as 16 annual editions of The Web Globalization Report Card.
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