More on eBay Intl…

From the eBay investor call today…

-> eBay now has more than 157 million registered users worldwide.

-> eBay Spain now has 1 million registered users.

-> Europe: 40% growth year over year.

-> The UK achieved first-ever $100 million revenue quarter.

-> France and Italy combined equal Germany in size.

-> Launching a new PayPal fraud protection service in Germany in August. Launching in Germany first before other markets.

-> eBay China (EachNet) added 1.6 million users in Q2, giving it a total of 13.2 million users.

-> No more details on China. eBay is “pleased” with progress thus far.

-> PayPal China is now live (includes buyer protection service). PayPal China is offered free right now. They believe direct payment will be more popular than credit cards in China than in other markets, which will minimize risk.

-> India: 1.7 million registered users.

-> No mention of eBay taking another stab at Japan.

-> US PayPal Merchant Pro service: Meg says merchant feedback is good and the price is right. (I found the documentation for this product both light and confusing, though the pricing is very good).

-> Meg says eBay is one of the “top two” paid search advertisers globally.

-> Meg mentioned that they put a priority on sharing best practices across country units.

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