SDL/TRADOS Deal is Official

On Wednesday, SDL shareholders approved the SDL acquisition of TRADOS. This makes SDL the hands-down leader of the globalization software market.

So let the games begin! The timing of this merger, as well as the Lionbridge/Bowne Global deal, is ideal. The globalization services/software industry is alive and kicking again and ready to move to the next level — focusing on total solutions and not just cost per word. Global Information Management is what SDL calls it.

And make no mistake: client demand is driving the rebirth of this industry, not VC money (although there is plenty of that flowing around as well).

I interviewed both Mark Lancaster, CEO of SDL, and Joe Campbell, CEO of TRADOS (now joining the SDL board) yesterday. I learned a great deal and I’ll be posting excerpts from the interview here next week and the full interview in the July issue of Global By Design.

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