Making Sense of Global Authoring

Writing for the world means writing for translation. And, because translation isn’t cheap, writing for the world can be a fairly expensive process. It also can be a fairly complex and error-prone process.

So it’s nice to see SDL hosting a free Webinar on global authoring on July 20th and 21st. Here is the link to register.

The call promises to answer the following questions:

    -> What is a word worth and how can you bring down the cost of writing global content in a world overloaded with information?
    -> How can content re-use technologies help in the control of words?
    -> How can you leverage existing translation assets to streamline your translation process?

Ben Urbina of Blast Radius will make sense of structured and unstructured authoring and Sophie Hurst of SDL will explain how to re-use translation at the authoring stage.

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