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Idiom Tries to Capitalize on TRADOS Acquisition

With SDL buying TRADOS, the maker of the leading desktop translation memory (TM) tool, globalization tools competitor Idiom is betting that translation agencies will be reluctant to buy TM tools from SDL, since SDL also sells translation services.

Enter the Idiom WorldServer LSP Advantage Program.

Details are light on this announcement (where’s the pricing?) but you have to give credit to Idiom for trying. Based on my very unscientific survey the other day, the agencies I spoke with were generally fine with the SDL/TRADOS deal, but sentiments could easily change once it comes time to purchase new software. However, even if a translation agency decides to look around for TM alternatives to SDL/TRADOS, Idiom will have its work cut out in raising awareness and credibility.

The exciting thing about this announcement is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now that there is all this consolidation in the top tier of the localization industry, we’re going to see lots of new and existing companies hoping to take advantage of the new competitive environment.

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