Earnings Roundup: International Revenues to the Rescue

Based on a recent batch of Q1 earnings numbers, it’s safe to say that strong non-US revenues is the recurring theme. In eBay’s case, non-US revenues are especially critical as the US growth continues to slow. Here are a few earnings updates…

eBay (from the NY Times)
EBay, which has been growing swiftly in the United Kingdom, South Korea, France and Italy, reported strong international sales. Revenue outside of the United States was $393.8 million, up 52 percent from the first quarter of 2004. EBay added more new users in China than from any other country, and it’s now the No. 1 e-commerce company there. Whitman said eBay would debut PayPal in China soon, and it is already promoting an escrow payment service similar to one in South Korea.

Google (from the WSJ)
“International operations represented 39% of Google’s revenue, compared with 35% the previous quarter, partly because of a recent agreement with the AOL Europe division of Time Warner Inc.”

UPS (from earnings press release)
“International operating profit jumped 25.6% to $348 million, while U.S. domestic operating profit increased almost 13% to $1.03 billion.”

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