iTunes: Some Good News and Some Bad News

First, the bad news…

According to the WSJ the EU is investigating whether iTunes overcharges UK customers. The price of a song in the UK is about 20% more than it is on the continent. And because iTunes does not allow cross-border transactions (CBT), this has become something of or sore spot.

Personally, I’d love to see iTunes embrace CBT. It sure works well for eBay.

And now for the good news…

According to CNET, Apple won the domain after a lengthy battle with a company it had accused of cybersquatting. I’m not sure this is over just yet, as appeals may yet reverse the ruling, but for now it qualifies as good news for Apple.

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1 thought on “iTunes: Some Good News and Some Bad News”

  1. Note that Apple won from someone who registered the domain 3 years before they launched their service and who was actually using it for his own purposes.

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