GlobalSight Adds Content Management Partner

GlobalSight, a developer of globalization management software, announced today that it “has entered into agreement with enterprise content management software provider, Mediasurface, for integrating end-to-end Web content creation into GlobalSight’s Ambassador product. The new functionality will be sold as an add-on module to Ambassador.”

Who stands to gain the most from this deal? I’d say that would be GlobalSight. Mediasurface has 300 clients while GlobalSight is hovering at around 30.

This is the second OEM deal that GlobalSight has announced this year and these deals certainly don’t hurt. But I have only seen one new client announcement this year and I’m starting to wonder how long this company can hang in there. Granted, many new clients these days prohibit any splashy announcements, so the company could be selling software left and right. But based on a survey I recently conducted, times are still a bit slow for globalization software management companies.

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