Alienware Going Global

You can’t hide on the Internet, particularly when it comes to Web globalization. I was passing through the Alienware Web site the other day — because they have the coolest-looking desktops on the market — and I couldn’t help but notice this in the upper right-hand corner:


Ah yes, the beginnings of a global gateway. I followed the links, and it turns out they’ve got a Canada Web site live and a Mexico site on the way. The Canada site is missing French content — a big no-no. And I would advise that they do without the flags on the gateway.

I always enjoy watching companies as they ease their way into Web globalization. It will be interesting to see what happens after the Mexico site goes live. I bet they discover that many Spanish-speaking Americans begin using the Mexico site to get more information on products.

I also wonder how well their brand and product names will travel. Their computers have names like “Roswell” and “Area 51.” Perhaps these have universal meaning for the alien followers of the world. And I believe some UFOs were spotted recently in Mexico — sounds like nice timing!

And now I will leave you with one of their pricey but cool computers:


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