Coke’s Nativa Product Launch

According to this interesting Dow Jones article, Coke is recently launched a new beverage in Argentina that takes advantage of the local fondness for the yerba mate plant. Called Nativa, the drink is designed expressely for the market and none other, and interesting contrast from product development strategies designed to appeal to as many markets as possible.

Here’s an article excerpt:

Coca-Cola, which spent 4 million pesos ($1=ARS2.875) to develop Nativa, is pitching the new drink as a natural beverage that taps into the core of the Argentine identity. The company has a similar strategy in Brazil, where it also makes a product for the local market – Kuat, a soda made from extract of the Brazilian guarana berry.


For the full article, go to:

PS: Thank to the Reveries Web site for pointing me to the article.

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