A Computer Primer for Translators

As any good craftsman can tell you, it’s not enough to simply have the right tool for the job — you also need to know just how to use it.

A Translator’s Tool Box for the 21st Century, written by working translator Jost Zetzsche, is filled with expert advice on which software tools you’ll need to save time (and make more money), the best way to use these tools, and which popular tools you can do without. I’ve read this guide firsthand and found it quite valuable.

In the guide you’ll find:

-> Specific instructions for fine-tuning your operating system so it works best for you.

-> A library of freeware and shareware programs that allow you to operate more efficiently-and advice on which applications to avoid at any price.

-> Criteria to determine if you need desktop publishing and graphic software-and ways to finance it while attracting new clients.

-> An insider’s guide to computer-assisted translation tools-what they are and how they can work for you.

To order, visit Jost’s Web site.

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