Have a Mecca Cola and a Smile

When the world loved America, American multinationals could do (almost) no wrong. Nike, Coke, McDonald’s and the rest could sell their goods practically anywhere in the world and make a nice profit. But now that the world’s love affair with U.S. has gone sour, a window of opportunity has opened for “un-American” products. Enter Mecca Cola:

A must-read article in the NY Times explains the sudden success of Mecca Cola. Here’s a reaction from Coke:

Coke acknowledges that the Arab boycott has hurt. Singling out North and West Africa, most notably Morocco and Egypt, the president of Coca-Cola Africa, Alexander B. Cummings Jr., told analysts in October that “our business in these countries has been hurt by the boycotting of American brands.”

Another Coke executive, asked about Mecca-Cola, said simply, “We are aware of Mecca, and we have felt the impact of the boycott of American goods.”

Also, take a moment to visit the Mecca site. Thanks to the power of globalization, Coca-Cola will soon be battling with Mecca Cola in stores around the U.S. Globalization is a door that swings both ways.

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