The world’s most dangerous country codes

McAfee has released a report that rates the world’s top level domains in terms of overall risk to the Web user — from browser exploits, phishing Web sites, excessive pop-ups, and other nasty things.

The report finds that “19.2% of all Web sites ending in the .hk domain pose a security threat to Web users.” Last year, Tokelau ( .tk) was the most dangerous ccTLD, at 10.1 percent.

Here are the five most dangerous domains:

Hong Kong (.hk)
PR of China (.cn)
Philippines (.ph)
Romania (.ro)
Russia (.ru)

And here are the five safest domains:

Finland (.fi)
Japan (.jp)
Norway (.no)
Slovenia (.si)
Colombia (.co)

It’s interesting to note that Asia includes both the safest domains and the most dangerous domains.

And I wonder if this report will help spur governments and their registries to be more aggressive in policing their local Web sites.

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