Language Weaver adds language pairs

Language Weaver has added five more language pairs to its repertoire:

  • Arabic/Spanish
  • Arabic/French
  • French/Spanish
  • Danish/English
  • Greek/English

What’s interesting here is that Language Weaver is moving beyond language pairs that include English.

English is the “pivot language” of the translation industry, in which content either begins in English or is converted into English on its way to its target language. Taking English out of the equation isn’t easy, because there is often a smaller translation corpora to build upon, but it is ultimately where companies want and need to go to accelerate translation and improve quality.

Says the Language Weaver press release:

In international markets, companies want to be able to translate directly between any two languages. Despite the fact that some of these languages are spoken and written by multi-millions of people, very often English is used as a pivot language for the translation. For example, for an Arabic to French translation, a company might first translate the information from Arabic to English, and then from English to French; this two step process slows the translation down considerably.

Translation software offerings operating directly between languages such as French to Spanish or Arabic to French are less commonly available. However, Language Weaver’s statistically-based approach to translation allows it to quickly develop translation systems between any two languages without using English in the translation process. These less-common language combinations save a step in the translation process and give companies timely access to information.

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