HP revenues: 67% international and growing

Today I read the following in the latest newsletter from LISA, the Localization Industry Software Association:

LISA member HP has been in the business news in recent weeks — and for all the right reasons. Unlike much of the technology industry, HP reported a 15% increase in revenues from a year earlier, to USD 28.3 billion, beating estimates by USD 1 billion! Why the success, given the slowdown in tech spending in the U.S.? According to analysts quoted in a recent issue of Business Week, it’s due to the company’s large global footprint and relatively low exposure to the financial-services market.

Newsletter editor Rebecca Ray points out that while many tech companies are generating about 50% of their sales from outside the US, HP is well ahead of the pack at 67% (Intel is even further ahead at 71%).

A weak dollar is playing a large role in boosting exports as well. But the companies that are really shining globally these days are those companies that invested in Web globalization back when the dollar was strong, like HP.

The HP Web site now supports 35 languages across more than 70 country Web sites. Not too shabby.

Not surprisingly, HP also scored in the top 10 in our 2007 Web Globalization Report Card.

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