A Whole New Way of Looking at the World (Wide Web)

When you work in this industry for awhile, you get pretty familiar with country codes such as .de for Germany or .cn for China. But there are simply too many country codes to memorize them all.

Which is what drove me to develop the Map of the World Wide Web.

This map aligns country codes over their respective countries. And it includes a color-coded legend for reference.

Map of the World Wide Web

So now when I come across, say, .lv, I can know that its Latvia simply by looking at the map.

The map includes 180 of the 250 county codes currently in use. There are actually more country codes than countries, but that’s a whole separate post.

You can order here: www.bytelevel.com/map.

UPDATE: We also offer a larger, more in-depth version of this map at www.bytelevel.com/map/ccTLD.

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