Authors Thinking Globally

While J.K. Rowling may have the most global of author Web sites, you don’t have to be a billionaire author to develop one these days.

Here’s an excerpt from theMiami Herald on one author’s adventures in Web globalization:

Publicity departments are too small and stretched too thin,” author Joseph Finder (High Crimes, Company Man, Paranoia) said in a telephone interview from his Boston office.

”I paid for my website [], hired someone to design it and someone else to run it. It’s impossible to gauge, but I see more and more response from reviewers, journalists and booksellers, and readers communicate with me, too,” he said. “Everyone likes to get inside information and have a connection.”

Making that connection also includes putting up special websites in countries where his books sell especially well, such as the Netherlands.

The Web globalization market for new and established authors could make a nice niche for some enterprising translation agency…

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