Is This the Quarter eBay Intl. Beats eBay US?

Could eBay now be generating more revenues from outside the US than from within the US? I suspect so. If not, it’s going to be REAL close.

This from the Wall Street Journal:

    Though its domestic business continues to expand, much of eBay’s growth is attributable to its international business. In the third quarter, international net revenue rose 43% from the year earlier period, to $408.9 million. U.S. marketplace revenues increased 29% to $449.5 million. Dutta said that eBay “absolutely expects” the international segment of the business to surpass the domestic part. He cited a strong performance in eBay’s core international market, Germany, and said the company’s user base in China is growing quickly. The company is eager to make inroads in China, where it faces stiff competition. In the third quarter, eBay added 2 million new users in China, bringing the total to 15.1 million at the end of September, Dutta said.
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