Windows XP Passive Aggressive Edition

According to Computerworld, Microsoft has come under fire from European regulators for the proposed name of its mandated Media Player-free operating system. Microsoft had planned to call the OS the Windows XP Reduced Media Edition but the EC is not amused.

While I agree with Microsoft that the proposed name is certainly descriptive of the package, the company certainly knew that it would irritate regulators. And now Microsoft has pledged to work closely with the EC on the revised OS name, something it could have done from the start.

I also think it’s important to note that the stripped-down OS that Microsoft is developing for emerging markets won’t be called a “reduced” edition? Why not? Because Microsoft actually hopes to sell a few copies of that software.

I won’t be lining up for a “reduced” copy of Window, but whatever the ultimate name is, this is a silly game for such a large company to be playing on such a large stage.

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