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Revenge of the Non-Native English Speakers

Here is a very timely article on the growing relevance of multilingual, multicultural employees to the success of their companies within the U.S. and abroad. According to the article:

No longer is a non-native English speaker a secondary employee. Indeed, the cash-conscious survivors of the dot-bomb years are, of necessity, seeking to establish or expand their reach to a global audience—and are finding their multilingual employees more of an asset than ever.

The next major wave of growth for American companies will have to come from emerging markets and consumer groups. To ignore these opportunities is dangerous, not just for the potential in lost sales but for the room you’ll give a potential competitor to gain momentum.

“I don’t think anyone has a guarantee in business anymore. It comes down to looking for new markets both locally and globally,” said Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology Cheryl Shavers, of the Department of Commerce. “People don’t realize that Chinese companies are developing products sold only in China and vice versa. The successful businesses of the future will look beyond our own borders to increase their market share through e-commerce. Otherwise they’ll be surprised to find their competition comes from abroad instead of next door.”

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