Global Help Wanted

Despite the gloomy economic climate, there is a growing need for employees who have strong cultural and linguistic skills. The days of “Webmaster Wanted” job ads are beginning to give way to “International Webmaster Wanted” ads. Consider the following:


International Webmaster

Marketing Generalist – Japan

European Language Globalization Coordinator


Director Product Marketing – International

Even non-Internet jobs increasingly demand strong international skills:

Vanguard Managed Solutions

Channel Marketing Manager

Requires: “Significant international channel marketing experience and a proven track record of rolling out successful marketing programs appropriately customized and targeted for various worldwide regions”

As companies continue to centralize operations while simultaneously entering new markets, the need for globally savvy employees will only increase. This is good news for all of you who paid attention in your high school language class. For those of us in the Boston area who didn’t, I recommend the Brookline Adult Education Center, which offers a number of affordable languages courses — from Arabic to Chinese to Spanish.

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