Xiaomi launches Mi.com as its global “front door”

I’ve long been curious how Xiaomi would take its brand name global.

The name itself can be challenging for us Western speakers to pronounce, let alone spell correctly. That’s not to say the name is destined to fail, as foreign brand names can be very successful in the long term.

But what if there were a shorter, catchier brand name out there? Or an abbreviated version of Xiaomi.

Like “mi.”

Enter Mi.com, the global brand name/face of the company.


According to The Next Web, the company claims 2 million users outside of China as of December 2013.

Unfortunately, the new website buries the global gateway in the footer. I’ll have to speak to them about that!



Xiaomi’s global expansion plans include Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand


In January, I wrote about Xiaomi’s success in crowdsourced translation of its operating system — and how this bodes well for global expansion.

Xiaomi, for those who’ve never heard of it, is a fast-growing mobile phone company in China — and a company with global aspirations.

Xiaomi VP (and ex-Google Android boss) Hugo Barra recently shed light on the markets that Xiaomi will be targeting initially. Here they are:

  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia and the Philippines
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Brazil, Mexico, and potentially other Latin American countries

Malaysia is next in line as the company expands across Asia. But also note Latin America in that list — which in my view will also include the US.

Naturally, I gave the Xiaomi website a quick once-over.

Shown below is the header —  note the globe icon used for the global gateway.

Xiaomi global gateway

Only Chinese and English are  supported currently, though I expect this to change in the year ahead…