dotConfusing — What you need to know about the next wave of top-level domains


My latest post for client Pitney Bowes on making sense of the hype concerning the new generic TLDs.

An excerpt:

The first wave is rolling in
More than 1,200 gTLDs have been applied for so far. You can check the status of each domain online ( and learn more about what each applicant plans to do with it. In many cases, applicants are planning to register their brand names for internal uses, such as KPMG and Hermes. But many applicants are registering domains with the hopes of creating a popular and lucrative new source of revenue.

So far, more than 125 domain names have been delegated, including such names as:

  • Photos
  • Guitars
  • Watch
  • онлайн (online)
  • 公司 (company)

My take: Many of these new TLDs are going to amount to nothing. But many will be quite successful and will usher in a new wave of innovations. So anyone who dismisses gTLDs altogether is mistaken.


GoDaddy’s new global gateway sets the stage for global growth

It’s nice to see GoDaddy improving its global gateway.

Note the use of the globe icon below to indicate the global gateway menu:

goddaddy gateway

Click on the globe or locale name and you’ll see the following menu:

godaddy global gateway

It’s text-only, easy to read. Simple.

GoDaddy has a long ways to go in regards to web globalization, but this global gateway is a good foundation for growth — which I suspect is on the horizon.


GoDaddy going global

In this interview with Blake Irving, CEO of GoDaddy, he mentions the company’s focus on expanding global reach:

We’re localizing, globalizing and marketizing our code base which means we’re building software for specific languages and markets.

Take Spanish, for example. It’s spoken differently in places like Chile, Mexico and Peru, so we’ll make investments in currency, payment types, unique graphics and vernacular for each market we go into.

Here are the country websites currently supported:

GoDaddy country websites

Naturally, I’d love to see this global gateway promoted to the header (it’s currently buried in the footer).

But the website nicely uses language negotiation to make its Spanish-language website more discoverable.

If your web browser is set to Spanish you’ll see this overlay when you visit:

Go Daddy Espanol

What isn’t mentioned in the interview is GoDaddy’s support for non-Latin domains (aka IDNs). I suspect that GoDaddy will be investing heavily in marketing IDNs around the world as well.

I’ve long maintained that IDNs have been slow to take off in many markets not because they don’t offer users value but because the ecosystem around IDNs have not been well developed. By globalizing the registration platform, GoDaddy is doing its part to improving the IDN ecosystem.

PS: This is a picky thing that drives me nuts. Is it “Go Daddy” or “GoDaddy”? I see it both ways on the home page. The Wall Street Journal uses “GoDaddy” so I’ll do the same.